Tech Posts

  1. Automatically redirect Tor users to your Onion Service using Nginx

    Discover how to make sure Tor Browser users are actually using your shiny new onion service.

  2. Fix Tor Onion Services on CentOS or Fedora (without disabling SELinux!)

    Learn how to set up a Tor Onion Service on CentOS or Fedora without needing to disable SELinux.

  3. Update Debian via Tor Hidden Service

    Learn how to make use of the Debian project's new Tor Onion Service repositories.

  4. Create a seedbox with Docker and Transmission-Daemon

    Learn how to build a (reasonably) secure seedbox with Docker and Transmission-Daemon.

  5. Free for All: A simple Libreboot installation tutorial for the ThinkPad X60/X60s/X60T

    Learn how to set up the open Libreboot firmware for BIOS freedom.