Hi, Iā€™m Alex. šŸ‘‹

I currently work as a Security Engineer in the UK energy sector.

Here you’ll find a few of my interesting projects. Please don’t rely on them for anything mission critical, but do feel free to look around! šŸ˜„


This is my custom Alpine Linux router spin. I’ve been running this in production as my core (home!) internet gateway since mid-2021. It runs entirely from RAM on a Raspberry Pi 4 using images entirely built within GitLab CI, and leverages Alpine’s LBU functionality to overlay configs.


This is my personal “golden image” spin of the immutable Fedora Silverblue. It’s also built entirely within GitLab CI, and is heavily inspired by the Universal Blue project. I’ve been running this as my “daily driver” since Fedora 38 and it’s been working very well for that purpose.


Okay, this one is… not so serious. This is my attempt at building an end-to-end build process for a (mostly) entirely hands-free Stage 3 tarball install of Gentoo Linux using an Ansible playbook. Shockingly it does actually work.


The default WSL kernel from Microsoft doesn’t support ZFS, so this is a hacky set of poorly-updated shell scripts to build a custom kernel with the right modules enabled. I don’t use Windows all that often so this doesn’t get a lot of attention. Maybe one day I’ll rework this as an actual Debian package.