Privacy Policy & Site Info

Privacy Policy

  1. I do not personally collect any information when you visit this site.

  2. This site will not set any cookies in your browser when you visit.

  3. This site does not load any resources from external domains. Where resources such as jQuery and Web Fonts are used, they are loaded only from this domain.

  4. HTTPS is enforced for all users of this site. Users connecting over HTTP will be redirected to HTTPS.

  5. This site is currently hosted for free on GitHub Pages.

  6. GitHub Pages does not appear to modify or inject any content into the pages it serves. I also implement a strict Content Security Policy inside this site’s <meta> tags to protect against this if they decide to do so in future.

  7. I do not know what other records GitHub Pages may keep of user activity but, without adding javascript or tracking links to pages, it is likely to be restricted to raw webserver logs only, rather than complex device-specific information. See GitHub’s Privacy Statment for more information.

Site Info

The full source code of this site is freely available on GitHub under an MIT License.

The site is designed using Jekyll and built as a set of static pages, so it can be deployed in seconds with minimal resource requirements.

Currently, the site is hosted using GitHub Pages.

Use of Google Mail Services

I am sometimes asked, by people who have noticed the mailserver configuration for this domain, why I choose to use GMail over a more privacy-focused service such as ProtonMail or Tutanota.

Although Google have been a long-standing member of the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program, their attempts at resisting subpoenas requiring disclosure of customer data have been commendable. Smaller mail services, although potentially more committed to privacy, are unlikely to possess the level of financial or legal resources required to mount legal defences of their customers in this manner. Some may regrettably be forced to close down entirely, or may simply have all their disks seized without notice.

I heavily encourage the use of PGP encryption when using any email service. This provides a theoretical barrier to surveillance by email providers, and by any computer handling the mail during the delivery process.


With thanks to Louis Hartley for designing my logo, and to Cole Townsend for the Jekyll theme I used as the basis for this site.