Presenting about the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 to an audience in Newcastle.

The Great Hack: Your Data in Modern Politics (Newcastle, Dec 2019) – A rapidly-organised workshop in response to the snap general election. Screened Netflix’s documentary The Great Hack, and showed guests how to use the Open Rights Group’s new tool to exercise their GDPR rights to access their data from political parties.

The Glass Room Experience (Newcastle, Oct 2019) – An installation of Tactical Tech’s data visualisation exhibit The Glass Room Experience, in conjunction with Newcastle Libraries.

Tech Tools Online (Norwich, Sep 2018) – An event explaining the Open Rights Group’s technical projects, including Data Rights Finder and Blocked!.

Exploring Data Rights Finder (Manchester, Jul 2018) – A workshop on the ICO-sponsored Data Rights Finder website which I helped work on.

Let’s Talk About Tor (Glasgow, Jun 2018) – A practical and moderately technical introduction to the Tor network.

Free Speech Online (Leeds/Manchester/Edinburgh/Glasgow, Apr 2018) – A multi-city presentation giving an in-depth look at current methods used to control speech online, inspired by the UK Government’s Digital Charter proposals.

Take Control of Your Online Life (Newcastle, Mar 2018) – Practical data security workshop for all ages and abilities.

Digital Rights in the Courts (London, Jan 2018) – A workshop on the role of legal action in defending digital rights.

ORGCon 2017: Effective Digital Security Training (London, Nov 2017) – A presentation based on my experiences running ORG North East, for people interested in organising their own local groups to teach digital security to members of the public.

The Glass Room (London, Oct 2017) – Gave practical security demonstrations and talks at Tactical Tech’s The Glass Room exhibit near Trafalgar Square in London.

Defending Digital Rights (Newcastle, Aug 2017) – Presentation for Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub on the importance of protecting digital rights.

Debate on User Privacy in Libraries (Newcastle, Mar 2017) – Panelist at a debate organised by CILIP, arguing that libraries have a duty to preserve user privacy.

CryptoParty Newcastle (Newcastle, May 2016) – The first CryptoParty held in a British public library!