Event List

This page lists some of the events I have hosted or spoken at. In future it will also act as an archive of the slides and resources from each talk.

23 Jul 2018 – Manchester – Exploring Data Rights Finder – A workshop on the ICO-sponsored Data Rights Finder tool which I helped work on.

7 Jun 2018 – Glasgow – Let’s Talk About Tor – A brief technical introduction to the Tor network.

Apr 2018 – Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow – Free Speech Online – A multi-city presentation giving an in-depth look at current methods used to control speech online, inspired by the UK Government’s Digital Charter proposals.

10 Mar 2018 – Newcastle – Take Control of Your Online Life – Practical data security workshop for all ages and abilities.

24 Jan 2018 – London – Digital Rights in the Courts – A workshop on the role of legal action in defending digital rights.

9 Aug 2017 – Newcastle – Defending Digital Rights – Presentation for Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub on the importance of protecting digital rights.

23 Mar 2017 – Newcastle – Debate on User Privacy in Libraries – Panelist at a debate organised by CILIP, arguing that libraries have a duty to preserve user privacy.

22 May 2016 – Newcastle – CryptoParty Newcastle – Organised and hosted the first CryptoParty held in a British public library.