This Privacy Notice applies to clients and prospective clients of my consultancy services. For policies applying to others, please see the Privacy Overview page.


  • I must process some information about you in order to provide my consultancy services, and for billing purposes.
  • I will hold the information about you only for a reasonable time period and can delete most information sooner if requested.


  • When you communicate with me by email, I hold copies of these emails on servers owned by my email provider, ProtonMail. You can verify my provider here.
  • Emails stored on ProtonMail servers are encrypted and accessible only by me and nobody else (not even server operators).
  • I ensure that emails are destroyed after no longer than 1 year, except for emails regarding billing and invoices.
  • Periodically, I will export backups of my emails to local machines under my control. All backups are stored on encrypted disks and also only accessible to myself.

Third-Party Services

  • I often make use of Google Docs to deliver and collaborate on documents, as many clients find this convenient. If you do not wish for me to use any Google services, then please let me know. I am happy to exchange documents using your preferred method and in your preferred format(s).

Retention Periods

  • For the benefit of clients who may wish to request copies or further work, I retain digital copies of completed work for 1 year, after which I securely destroy all copies.
  • You are very welcome to request a shorter retention period, or request that my copies are destroyed upon delivery of the work to you.
  • Billing information and invoices are required for tax purposes and cannot be destroyed upon request. I will retain these documents for at least 7 years.


  • While billing information and invoices are kept intentionally, records of your financial identifiers (such as bank account and sort code number) are not. Such records are kept only as a consequence of transaction logs retained by my bank. Retention periods are therefore in accordance with those of my bank.
  • I do not keep records of your financial identifiers outside of my banking transaction logs.
  • For more information, please see the Monzo Bank Privacy Policy.