Hi, I’m Alex Haydock.

I am an information security and data protection consultant with particular experience and interest in the area of user privacy and data minimisation.

I am also a Master in Law graduate with legal interests which include digital rights, civil liberties, and the regulation of technology and the internet.

I currently carry out freelance consultancy work for groups and individuals who require the expertise of someone familiar with technology law as well as with the tech which it regulates. I was previously the Legal Officer for the Open Rights Group, in their London office.

I sometimes speak at events and meetups for people interested in digital security and privacy. More details about these events can be found on this page.

You can find me on Twitter, on GitHub, and occasionally on Medium.

I can be contacted at alex@alexhaydock.co.uk.

My preferred methods of contact are Signal or encrypted email. You can find my PGP key here or email me to ask for my Signal ID.